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Learn from someone that was with the same person for 32 years. Together they fought through the racial battle because his wife was threatened by some of her family members to be disowned for dating a black man (she was Japanese). They had homes, lost homes, bankruptcy, had to live with in-laws. The journey of trying to have children, they tried many alternative methods with no positive result, and during the process, an exam showed his wife had cancer. Ron was by her side and witnessed her fight with cancer for 17 years. Then losing her to that cancer 6 years ago. He also experienced losing all of his cash flow, twice.

So Ron is speaking from experience. He is not sharing theories or what others have shared with him from their life lessons or from books that he read. This information is from the heart and soul of someone that had to face some of lives biggest challenges. He's still standing and his desire for the rest of his life is to share his experiences, in the hope that others can benefit and overcome their obstacles.

The topics covered in this video series

 1) What Is Love and How To Find It

 2) #1 Problem in Relationships

 3) Finding A Good Woman / Man

 4) Significance of Creating A-List

 5) Why Do I Keep Attracting The Wrong Person

 6) A shortage of Available Men

 7) Men Are Dogs

 8) 90 Day Rule

 9) Why Are Men Afraid of Strong Successful Women

10) How To Get Over A Break-Up

It’s your turn now, grab your Finding Love Video Series and get started down the path of finding love, purpose, joy, and happiness in all of your relationships and relieve stress from your life in the process.



Finding Love Series was created to help those that are looking for love and believe that maybe they are looking in all the wrong places. Thinking love is for others and they are destined to be single. For those that believe all the good men/ women are already taken.

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